Why you should use an extractor for a TPC165!

Why you should use an extractor for a TPC165!

Hiring or purchasing an M Class Extractor is probably the best thing you can do when it comes to using a TRUMPF TPC 165 panel cutter.

An M Class Extractor can be bought for a few hundred pounds, or you can hire it from ourselves, but or from a generic plant or tool hire company.

Now, there are a few reasons why we recommend M Class Extractor….

Safety first!

#1. The extractor makes the TPC165 safer for you to use. You are not inhaling the debris from the cutting into your nose or your mouth.


Longer lasting!

#2. As well as extracting insulation from the inside of the TPC165, it also safely extracts all the bits of swarf metal that are produced from the blade. The blade and the tool are not doing as much work, this means that your chain lasts longer and it means that your tool lasts longer.


Save £££’s!

#3. By using an extractor you can potentially use less oil and extend the life of your chain. If you're buying a chain every few days or a couple of weeks, if you can extend the life of this chain, pound for pound, you're going to save a lot of money. Hiring out an extractor for £75 - £100 pound a week, or buying one for £400, that's honestly the best investment you can make when you are using a TPC165 panel cutter.


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