What Is The Cordless Alliance System?

The Cordless Alliance System (or CAS) is a diverse group of electric power tool brands committed to matching batteries. Every CAS member is a leading brand dedicated to sustainability and ease of use for its products. We have proudly designed technology that accommodates and powers different products with the same rechargeable battery for the ultimate convenient system. You can use one charger to power several pieces of equipment, so you needn’t store hundreds of wires.

How Do CAS Batteries Benefit The Environment?

The comprehensive system prioritises environmental health and makes it possible for you to reduce the number of rechargeable batteries in your company significantly. Disposable batteries are entirely unnecessary, saving your business money while reducing toxic rubbish. One rechargeable CAS battery could provide thousands of hours with your power tool without you sending any waste to the landfill. Learn more about TRUMPF and their CAS offering by clicking here.

Why Should I Support the CAS?

Construction work on roofs and facades can be challenging enough without worrying about charging your equipment. TRUMPF brings a bit of simplicity to the sector, guaranteeing an easy method to charge your batteries with the Cordless Alliance System. It is exhausting juggling multiple brands of power tools with different types of batteries and independent chargers. When you purchase products from the Cordless Alliance System, you needn’t worry about that. View TRUMPF’s choice of CAS-approved battery packs & chargers.

Contact Us For More Information

TRUMPF power tools are straightforward to charge and simple to maintain. Your battery will not deteriorate quickly, but you need only buy one when it’s time for a replacement. Also, your current charger would accommodate a new battery. You needn’t purchase new accessories when you replace a battery.

Visit the CAS website for more information. Alternatively, contact us for additional support.