S5! N Mini Clamp

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S5! N Mini Clamp

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S5! N Mini Roof Clamp – Secure Attachment for Nail Strip Roofs

The S5! N Mini clamp is expertly designed for 1" nail strip metal roofs and similar roofing profiles. This non-penetrating, standing seam metal roof (SSMR) clamp offers a reliable and waterproof solution without compromising your roofing warranties or guarantees.

Maintain Roofing Guarantees

S5! clamps, including the S5! N Mini, securely clamp to your roof without piercing it. This ensures the integrity of your roof (and your warranties and guarantees) remains intact.

The S5! N Mini Is Easy to Install

Enjoy a straightforward installation process with the S5! N Mini. During installation, the clamp's angled wall engages the triangular roof seam, eliminating the need to hold the clamp in place while tightening the round-point setscrew. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Place the clamp on the seam
  2. Tighten the round-point setscrew/s
  3. Affix ancillary items

The S5! N Mini Is Tested to the Highest Standards

The S5! N Mini clamps are negative load normal-to-seam tested to ensure they meet the highest standards for quality and durability.


S5! N Mini Roof Clamp FAQs

What attachments and applications can the S5! N Mini be used for?

Tailored for medium or light-duty applications, the S5! N Mini is an excellent choice for mounting solar panels, satellite dishes, and other rooftop accessories.

What roof seams is the S5! N Mini roof clamp compatible with?

The S5! N Mini roof clamp is designed specifically for "nail-flange" standing seam metal roofs (SSR). It features an angled setscrew design for easy installation without the need for special tools. The clamp insert facilitates optimal fitting for profiles up to 1" (25 mm) in height, ensuring a secure fit without damage to the panel seam. ThisS5! N Mini is compatible with a variety of roofing profiles, including Taylor Metals' Easy Lock™, McElroy Metals' Meridian, ASC Building Products' Skyline Roofing®, and New Tech Machinery's FF100.

How easy is it to install the S5! N Mini?

The S5! N Mini boasts an easy installation process with angled setscrews that don't require special tools. The unique design caters to "nail-flange" SSR, allowing for a hassle-free and secure fit on profiles up to 1" (25 mm) in height and a base rib dimension under .82" (20 mm).