S5! S Mini Clamp

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S5! S Mini Clamp

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S5! S Mini Roof Clamp For Snap-Together Profiles

Discover extraordinary versatility with the S5! S Mini roof clamp, designed for popular snap-together profiles and traditional single-fold horizontal profiles. This medium-duty, non-penetrating seam clamp offers a streamlined solution for mounting applications without crimping the roof seam.

The S5! S Mini Is Rigorously Load-Tested

The S5! S Mini undergoes meticulous load testing, including rigorous negative load normal-to-seam testing. This comprehensive testing ensures a reliable roofing solution that guarantees a secure and enduring attachment.

What Is Included with the S5! S Mini?

Each S5! S Mini clamp includes stainless steel hardware. Please note that the S5! S Mini is not supplied with an M8 top bolt.

S5! S Mini Bulk Order Discounts

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S5! S Mini Roof Clamp FAQs

What attachments and applications can the S5! S Mini be used for?

The S5! S Mini is a versatile choice for various attachments and applications. S5! S Mini is suitable for securely mounting walkways, snow guards, solar panels, and other mechanical equipment.

What roof seams is the S5! S Mini roof clamp compatible with?

Crafted for widely used snap-together profiles and traditional single-fold horizontal profiles, the S5! S Mini clamp guarantees seamless compatibility with various seam configurations. The S5! S Mini works with most common metal roofing materials, except for copper.

How is the S5! S Mini different from the standard S5! S roof clamp?

The S5! S Mini differs from the standard S5! S roof clamp in several key aspects. The Mini is medium-duty, shorter, and features a single setscrew instead of two. This design makes it a more economical choice for lighter-duty attachments that don't require as high holding strength.