As well as selling roofing and cladding tools, we can support your project with vacuum cladding lifters. Our sister company provides industrial and commercial models for both hire and sale. With our guidance, you can determine whether the Clad Boy or the Cool Boy meets your needs best.


Construction is a complex process. We understand that it often takes a large team to fulfil any job, and time is money. Heavy materials, unusually shaped objects and dangerous equipment can make any task labour-intensive, challenging, and time-consuming. Rather than relying on multiple hands to relocate awkward items and interrupting several contractors at one time, you can invest in a vacuum lifter.

The Benefits Of Vacuum Lifters Include:

  • The firmer grip you’ll have on bulky loads. You’re not likely to drop any material.
  • Suction is a straightforward method of transport and horizontal lifting. The effort required from you is minimal.
  • A reduced lifting time. Workers can lift more weight quickly, and without a break, so you can reduce the length of your building project.
  • Slighter risk of injury. Heavy manual labour requires sensible posture to avoid backaches, but a vacuum lifter protects your workforce from strain.


For many years, the Clad Boy has become one of the leading vacuum lifters available on the market. It is a versatile machine that can be adapted to lift various composite panel lengths & types. The Clad Boy panel lifter’s flexibility, durability and adaptability make it an ideal first purchase of any vacuum equipment. It’ll easily withstand cumbersome, heavy loads while remaining easy to handle for lighter jobs. You can download our Clad Boy leaflet by clicking here.


Lighter and more compact than the Clad Boy, the Cool Boy is chosen by many installers in the interior and firewall sectors. The build quality is equally impressive, but the manoeuvrability of the Cool Boy far outweighs the Clad Boy. The smaller model requires no handling effort making it ideal for flat wall panels and awkwardly sized interior material. It can still accommodate weights reaching 375kg. You can download our Cool Boy leaflet by clicking here.


As well as the vacuum lifters above, we have vacuum lifters available to handle glass and rotate composite roof panels. Meet the Rota Boy & Glass Boy. The Glass Boy is specially designed to complement delicate material, while the Rota Boy’s agility is unmatched. You can download our Rota Boy leaflet by clicking here. You can download our Glass Boy leaflets by clicking here & alternatively, here.


Our Pack Boy is a modular compression beam with forks. With this vacuum lifter, you can safely unload large packs of panels from your delivery vehicle onto the ground. You can download our Pack Boy leaflet by clicking here.

Contact Us About Vacuum Lifters

Call the Cladding Mate team on 0370 741 7600 if you’d like guidance or support in choosing suitable vacuum lifting equipment. We’ll help you to determine the best model for your business.