The one thing that you can do on a site to save time and money!

The one thing that you can do on a site to save time and money!

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I'm going to explain the one thing that you can do on a site that you can do to save time and money, and it's not using a tool, it's not spending any money whatsoever!! So, let's get to it!

Reducing dead time….

So, I could sit here and bang on about how you need to use a TRUMPF power cutter or you need to use a CladBoy vacuum lifter, but realistically the number one thing that you can do is….

Get more efficient on site!

Reducing dead time on site can really maximise efficiency!

Take lifting panels for instance, if you want to get more efficient, move that pack of panels as close to the building as you can. There's no point in putting the pack of panels far away, lifting one panel, and then with your crane bringing it across to the roof or the wall. All you're doing is creating dead time from location of the pack of panels to the wall.

It's just a case of reducing that dead time wherever you can, so you've not guys standing around on site.

Efficient working…

A CladBoy or a vacuum lifter can be a wonderful tool, but at the end of the day, is just a tool.

If you use a vacuum lifter to install roof panels, you will also have a crane driver, plus one guy who's positioning the CladBoy and putting the suction on and off.  All the rest of your guys can be on the roof. They can be fitting panels, they can be fixing, they can do whatever they need to be doing on the roof.

As soon as a panel gets dropped in place, the crane driver can be going down to collect and tuck the next panel up while your guys are fixing that panel on the roof. So, you've got no dead time whatsoever!

Get the drinks in!

Working to maximise efficiency means you've got guys doing as much work as they can possibly do. This saves you money and saves you time. It gets the job done quicker, which means you can be in the pub earlier on a Friday afternoon!


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