S5! TrapBracket KS RW 2.0
S5! TrapBracket KS RW 2.0

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S5! TrapBracket KS RW 2.0

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The S5! TrapBracket™ can be used to mount virtually anything to an exposed-fastened trapezoidal composite panel roof system without fixing into the supporting steel structure or penetrating the internal liner sheet. The S5! TrapBracket is specifically designed for use with KS1000RW and KS2000RW panels.

S5! Trapbrackets 2.0 now includes stitcher screws. S5! BRACKET HEAVY-DUTY APPLICATIONS

TrapBracket™ is so strong it will even support heavy-duty applications like snow retention.

With S5! brackets, you can secure HVAC, railed PV systems, walkways and more to your metal roof. You can also use these S5! brackets alongside the PVKIT for rail-less solar panel mounting, too. The TrapBracket™  is a structural aluminium attachment bracket and is compatible with most common metal roofing materials.


Each TrapBracket™ comes with a factory-applied EPDM sealant in the base. With the Trapbracket, there are no messy sealants to apply, and you don't have to worry about leaks. These roof mounted brackets have EPDM rubber gasket seal preapplied to the base. The EPDM is protected from UV exposure by the S5! patented reservoir, which prevents drying and cracks.


Trapbracket installation is straightforward. The bracket is mounted onto the crown of the panel so that it straddles the profile. There is no need to prepare the surface (just clear any debris or excess oil), then align and apply the bracket. Secure the bracket using the prepunctured holes and the appropriate S5! fasteners or bulb-tite rivets.

Find more comprehensive installation instructions in the S5! TrapBracket Brochure.


View the full installation guide.