S5! Z Mini Clamp

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S5! Z Mini Clamp

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Metal Roof Clamp For Bulb Seams

S5! Z Mini roof clamp is a versatile and economical solution for securing rooftop accessories on round "bulb" seam configurations. Designed for Zip-Rib®, BEMO, Kalzip®, and similar profiles, this medium-duty, non-penetrating seam clamp is the perfect choice for lightweight attachments.



The S5! Z Mini Is Easy To Install

The S5! Z Mini's two-piece design allows for easy installation anywhere along the length of the rib. It uses a single setscrew for a streamlined approach to attaching various rooftop accessories. This clamp is an excellent choice for lighter-duty applications where the higher holding strength of the S5! Z is not required.


The S5! Z Mini Is Tested To The Highest Standards

The S5! Z Mini clamp is rigorously load-tested to ensure reliable performance. Negative load testing (pull-up) is conducted for all mini clamps, providing confidence in their secure attachment.


What Is Included With the S5! Z mini?

Each mini clamp is supplied 1 x grubscrew but NO M8 BOLT FOR THE TOP.


S5! Z Mini Bulk Order Discounts

Earn substantial savings with our quantity discounts on the S5! Z Mini roof clamp. Enjoy automatic discounts (applied at checkout) when you order 50 units or more. The more you order, the greater the savings, making it a cost-effective choice for projects of any scale. Upgrade your rooftop installations while saving on our already great prices.


S5! Z Mini Roof Clamp FAQs

How is the S5! Z Mini different from the S5! Z roof clamp?

The S5! Z Mini is slightly shorter than the S5! Z clamp and features a single setscrew. It is a cost-effective alternative to the S5! Z for those seeking a dependable solution for lighter-duty rooftop attachments.

What attachments and applications can the S5! Z Mini be used for?"

The S-5! Z Mini is suitable for light and medium-duty applications, including utility mounting. This encompasses various rooftop accessories such as antennas, lighting, mechanical equipment, and many other applications that require secure, non-penetrating attachment to round "bulb" seam configurations.

What roof seams is the S5! Z Mini roof clamp compatible with?

The S5! Z Mini roof clamp is designed for round "bulb" seam configurations, including Zip-Rib®, BEMO, Kalzip®, and similar profiles.