What Can I Use Grabo For?

What Can I Use Grabo For?

Discover the transformative power of Grabo, the handheld vacuum lifter reshaping heavy material handling. This guide explores Grabo's versatility, showing you what materials it can lift and its many popular applications.

Discover the transformative power of Grabo, the handheld vacuum lifter reshaping heavy material handling. This guide explores Grabo's versatility, showing you what materials it can lift and its many popular applications.


What Is The Grabo

The Grabo is an ergonomic handheld vacuum lifter revolutionising manual handling tasks for builders and contractors. With the Grabo, you can effortlessly and safely lift everything from porcelain and glass to paving slabs.

Grabo is creating safer workplaces. It alleviates the strain of heavy-duty lifting tasks and prevents accidentally dropping materials. The combination of effortless manual handling and a healthier workforce improves on-site efficiency, too. Lifting and installation have never been easier.

The Grabo is available in several models: The Grabo Plus and The Grabo Pro.


The Grabo Plus

With an impressive 170 kg lifting capacity, the Grabo Plus is a powerful handheld vacuum lifter. It offers all the trademark benefits of the Grabo. It makes manual lifting easier, creating safer and more efficient workspaces.

The Grabo Pro

The Grabo Pro, like the Plus, is an ergonomic manual vacuum lifter, but it offers a few extras. The Pro's upgrades include a digital display, a smart pressure sensor, and automatic pressure maintenance. The Pro is lighter and has a new ergonomic handle design.

For a more detailed comparison of the Pro and Plus, check out our guide "GRABO PLUS VS GRABO PRO: LET'S COMPARE".


What Materials Can the Grabo Lift

The Grabo can lift a diverse array of solid, non-porous materials. It is commonly used for paving slabs of various materials, including granite, limestone, slate, sandstone, porcelain, and clay. Additionally, it is a popular choice for precisely installing porcelain, marble, and ceramic tiles. The Grabo can also handle glass (though you should note the minimum thickness requirements). The Grabo excels in lifting metal sheets, such as those used in cladding, as well as wood, plastic, and rough concrete. This expansive range of uses establishes Grabo as the preferred solution for seamlessly managing various materials across different applications.


Popular Grabo Applications

The Grabo is a versatile lifter with widespread applications, making it a popular choice across various industries, including flooring, tiling, and construction. It is the perfect lifting solution whether you're moving home, fitting a kitchen, or installing roofing or cladding.

In paving, Grabo excels at precise slab placement, reducing the risk of injuries and enhancing overall efficiency. Grabo ensures the accurate placement of large-format tiles in kitchens and bathrooms, alleviating the strain of repetitive tasks. The lifter handles plasterboard and drywall effortlessly and is especially useful when working at height, minimising musculoskeletal stress and keeping you safe. Grabo is also ideal for handling delicate materials, including glass panes (over 6mm thick).

The Grabo is a comprehensive solution that enhances safety and efficiency across various tasks. Here are just some of the most popular Grabo applications:

  • Lifting drywall and plasterboard
  • Placing large tiles
  • Installing kitchen worktops
  • Installing wood flooring
  • Lifting rough slate and concrete.
  • Lifting and placing paving slabs
  • Lifting metal sheets
  • Lifting glass panes (over 6mm thick)
  • Moving furniture
  • Moving large appliances


Limitations Of The Grabo - What It Can’t Lift

While Grabo is a versatile lifting powerhouse, it has a few limitations. For safe and effective manual handling, it is important to use the Grabo appropriately and to avoid using it on unsuitable materials. The Grabo handheld vacuum lifter should not be used to lift:

Porous Materials

Very porous materials, such as untreated MDF, and specific items like cinder blocks, pegboards, and dry cast pavers pose a challenge for Grabo. It is designed to handle solid, non-porous surfaces.

Uneven Surfaces

While Grabo can lift rough and uneven materials with a 10mm variance using the Grabo RockSeal attachment, extremely uneven surfaces may pose a challenge. The lifter might struggle to establish a proper vacuum suction hold, potentially affecting its ability to attach to the material or object securely.

Glass Sheets Thinner Than 6mm

Grabo's vacuum suction is not recommended for glass sheets thinner than 6mm, as it may risk causing cracks. However, enable your Grabo to handle thinner glass sheets safely with the Brace Seal attachment.

Above Its Max Lift Capacity

While Grabo is robust, it has a weight limit of 170kg. However, this restriction is still significantly higher than the HSE manual handling assessment charts' suggested safe lifting weight of 23 kg, underscoring Grabo's efficiency in managing heavy materials.


Increasing Your Options With Grabo Seals

The Grabo has a wide range of uses, and even its few limitations can be remedied with Grabo's fantastic range of specialised Grabo vacuum lifter seals.

Grabo Rock Seal

Tackle uneven surfaces effortlessly with the Grabo Rock Seal. This specialised accessory extends Grabo's capabilities, allowing it to securely lift rough and irregular materials with a variance of up to 10mm.

Grabo Brace Seal

For glass thinner than 6mm, the Grabo Brace Seal becomes your go-to solution. Safeguard against cracks and ensure a secure grip. This accessory enhances Grabo's versatility, making it an ideal choice for delicate glass applications, providing the precision you need.

Grabo Slender Seal

The Grabo Slender Seal optimises Grabo's lifting capacity for slimmer items. This seal comes to the rescue when faced with thinner, longer materials such as pipes or long tiles.


Choose Grabo For Flooring, tiling and More

The Grabo lifter, a versatile and reliable handheld vacuum lifter, is an indispensable tool across various industries. With its proven track record, it has become a trusted ally in creating safer and more effective workplaces. From precision placement of paving slabs to delicate handling of glass, Grabo's applications span a broad spectrum, making it a go-to choice for professionals in flooring, tiling and beyond. Elevate your projects and enhance workplace efficiency with the Grabo lifter - an essential tool for manual lifting tasks.


Grabo Vacuum Lifter FAQ

Is Grabo suitable for lifting materials on elevated surfaces like scaffolding or ladders?

Yes, Grabo is designed to handle materials in elevated settings. Its efficient lifting capabilities make it a valuable tool for tasks on ladders, scaffolding, and other elevated platforms.

Can the Grabo lifter be used without accessories?

While Grabo lifters can be used without accessories, specialised attachments like the Rock Seal, Brace Seal, and Slender Seal enhance its capabilities for specific materials and tasks.

How does the Grabo lifter work?

Grabo, a portable vacuum lifter, lifts and moves heavy objects by establishing a strong suction force between the tool's foam seal and the object. This mechanism ensures a secure grip, facilitating efficient and safe handling.


Order your Grabo Lifter Today

Unlock the power of precision lifting with Grabo, the game-changing handheld vacuum lifter. Make manual handling effortless and efficient, protect your workforce from liting injuries and create a safer work environment. Get your Grabo vacuum lifter, seals, and accessories from Cladding Mate today.


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