How To Replace Grabo Filters and Seals

How To Replace Grabo Filters and Seals

How do you replace your Grabo's seals and filters? And how often should you do it? Here are the easy-to-follow steps for replacing your Grabo seals.

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Thanks to its user-friendly design, maintaining your Grabo for peak performance is a breeze. In this guide, we'll walk you through the hassle-free process of replacing Grabo filters and seals. You can keep your Grabo in top condition with just a few minutes of your time and no technical expertise required. Replace worn seals to maximise performance or switch to the right seal for the job in just a few steps. Let's dive into the straightforward steps to ensure your Grabo remains a reliable tool for all your lifting tasks.


How to replace Grabo Seal

Replacing your Grabo seal is easy, takes only a few steps and requires no fancy tools - just a screwdriver.

Carefully insert the screwdriver between the plastic and high-friction silicone. Slide it in and gently pry the seal out. Once you have removed the old seal, push the new seal into place. No tools are required; push with your hand, and it will snap into place.

It is that easy to replace your Grabo seal. You can quickly and effortlessly swap out worn seals or switch to a specialised seal such as the Grabo Rock Seal.


Specialist Grabo Seal Options

Specialist Grabo Seal Options

There are a few reasons to replace your Grabo seal. Firstly, you will want to swap a worn-out seal for a new one to ensure top performance. But you can also switch from your standard Grabo seal to one of the specialised options for particular tasks.

Grabo offers several specialist seals that expand the Grabo vacuum lifter's lifting capabilities.

These specialist seals are:

The Standard Grabo Seal

The standard Grabo seal is the general seal you will likely use for most tasks. The Grabo is a powerful tool, and its standard seal allows it to fulfil many of its functions, making it more than suitable for most manual lifting tasks.

The Grabo Rock Seal

The Grabo Rock seal is designed for uneven and rough surfaces. This expands the Grabo's lifting capabilities with various materials, including wood, slate, and rough concrete.

The Grabo Brace Seal

The Grabo brace seal is designed for thin materials, including glass under 6mm. It uses a brace to prevent the thin material from being pulled into the Grabo.

The Grabo Slender Seal

The Grabo slender seal allows you to handle narrower, longer materials easily. You will want to replace your Grabo seal with the slender seal for pavers, tiles, pipes and more. 


How To Replace Grabo Filter

Swapping out a Grabo filter, like changing the seal, is straightforward. Use a flathead screwdriver to pry out the old filter gently. When replacing it, slide the new filter into position. There are no screws or bolts required to secure the new filter. The filter is designed for a snug fit, ensuring a secure placement and no risk of accidental removal.


Maintain Your Grabo With replacement Seals and Filters

Maintaining your Grabo is essential to its performance, and replacing filters and seals is a key aspect of this upkeep. With the ease of removal and installation, the Grabo ensures minimal downtime, allowing you to focus on your tasks without disruptions. Regularly replacing these components ensures your tool's longevity and guarantees optimal performance, providing a secure grip and preventing potential damage.


How often should I replace my Grabo seal?

The frequency of Grabo seal replacement depends on usage. While a general recommendation is to replace the seals every six months, more frequent replacements might be necessary for heavy usage.


Upgrade Your Grabo

Improve your manual lifting experience by upgrading to a new Grabo vacuum lifter and ensure optimal performance with our range of replacement and specialist seals. Don't compromise on efficiency – invest in the best for your lifting tasks. Shop Grabo vacuum lifters and seals now and experience unmatched power and reliability.


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