The Grabo "Composite Panel" Bundle
The Grabo "Composite Panel" Bundle
The Grabo "Composite Panel" Bundle

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The Grabo "Composite Panel" Bundle

Sale price£305.00

If you are wanting to use a Grabo Pro to lift Kingspan, TATA Steel, Euroclad or other compsotie sandwich panels, this is the bundle for you.

It consists of a Grabo Pro and a Brace Seal - bundled together at a discounted price.

Perfect for Roofers, Cladders and anyone else looking for a bargain!

Why do I need a Brace Seal to lift composite panels?

The Grabo Pro can sometimes cause the outer skin of a composite sandwich panel to bubble up and come away from the panel core.

The Brace Seal solves this.

The Brace seal puts less pressure on the skin of the panel, therefore proecting it from bubbling.