TRUMPF 5 Year Guarantee – what you need to know.

TRUMPF 5 Year Guarantee – what you need to know.

The TRUMPF power tool range is the TruTool products.

If you ever see any of the TRUMPF TruTool tools, then that is the TRUMPF power tool range.


Standard 3 Year Warranty

As standard, the warranty from TRUMPF is three years unless you register the tool with TRUMPF themselves, at which point it's a five-year warranty.

It's important to know that the batteries have a three-year automatic warranty.

That's regardless of charging cycles.


Extended 5 Year Warranty

If you register the TRUMPF tool within four weeks of purchase with TRUMPF directly, then that becomes a five-year warranty.


If you register it outside of the 4-week window then the standard warranty exists on your TruTool.


Cladding Mate – pre-registered tools

At Cladding Mate, we automatically preregister your tool with TRUMPF directly.

When you make a purchase from our website, before it is shipped off and dispatched, we actually preregister that tool with TRUMPF under your name.

Any tool that comes from us will have a five-year extended warranty with TRUMPF.


TRUMPF TPC165 Panel Cutter Warranty

There is one tool that you need to know about.

That's the TPC 165 panel cutter.

If you cut mineral wool with that tool, at all, ever, then that warranty becomes a one-year warranty.

That's because of the chemicals that are inside mineral wool.

If you don't clean that tool or take care of it, then it can become unusable and seize up parts of the machine, which is why the warranty is only one year.


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