GRABO Slender Seal
GRABO Slender Seal
GRABO Slender Seal
GRABO Slender Seal
GRABO Slender Seal

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GRABO Slender Seal

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Enhance Your Material Lifting Capability with the GRABO Slender Seal

Unlock a new level of versatility and convenience with the GRABO Slender Seal, the ultimate accessory for your GRABO tool. Designed to lift thinner and longer materials effortlessly, this innovative seal expands the capabilities of your GRABO, making it a must-have for your roofing and cladding projects.


Effortless Handling of Extended and Narrow Surfaces

The GRABO Slender Seal features a unique design that makes it exceptionally easy to grip surfaces with extended, narrow areas. The Slender Seal ensures a secure hold and efficient lifting, whether you're dealing with pavers, long tiles, pipes, cut-to-size benchtops, kerb stones, or other similar materials.


GRABO Slender Seal FAQs

What makes the GRABO Slender Seal ideal for lifting thinner and longer materials?

The GRABO Slender Seal is specifically engineered to enhance your ability to lift thinner and longer materials. Its unique design allows for easy gripping and handling of surfaces with extended, narrow areas, such as pavers, long tiles, pipes, and more. With the Slender Seal, you can confidently lift and position these materials with precision and control, ensuring a seamless workflow and outstanding results.


Is the GRABO Slender Seal compatible with all GRABO models?

Yes. Whether you are using the GRABO Plus or the newer, improved GRABO Pro, you can utilise the Slender Seal to expand your lifting capabilities. You can quickly swap your GRABO seal for the GRABO Slender Seal across all handheld vacuum lifter models in the GRABO range.


Can the GRABO Slender Seal be easily swapped with the standard seal?

Yes. Swapping between the standard GRABO seal and GRABO Slender Seal is a breeze. The Slender Seal is interchangeable with your existing GRABO seal, ensuring compatibility and convenience. You can quickly switch between the two seals without any hassle. So you can easily adjust to your needs with a quick seal change. Consider other specialised seals, such as the GRABO RockSeal, to expand your options further. Enjoy the flexibility and versatility to take on any manual handling task with the GRABO Slender Seal.


How much can you lift with the GRABO Slender Seal

The lift capacity of the GRABO with a Slender Seal depends on the material you are lifting and the direction of the hold you are using. We have included maximum lift capacities for perpendicular hold Z, parallel hold Y, and parallel hold X, respectively, below. (Please note that these are maximum values. Safe values are 50% of maximum values.)

Glass: 225Lbs (100kg), 110Lbs (50kg), 220Lbs (100kg)

Metal: 145Lbs (66kg), 110Lbs (50kg), 220Lbs (100kg)

Wood: 132Lbs (60kg), 66Lbs (30kg), 176Lbs (80kg)

Rough Concrete: 105Lbs (48kg), 110Lbs (50kg), 220Lbs (100kg)


How quickly can the GRABO Slender Seal be delivered?

We strive to get your GRABO Slender Seal to you as soon as possible. If the seal is in stock, we can dispatch it the same or next day. And if we are out of stock, we will let you know and aim to restock as soon as possible. We work closely with our suppliers and can often get products restocked within a couple of days. Delivery options range from next-day to 3-day delivery, and we will choose the fastest available option.