GRABO RockSeal™
GRABO RockSeal™
GRABO RockSeal™
GRABO RockSeal™
GRABO RockSeal™

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GRABO RockSeal™

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Introducing the GRABO RockSeal – Effortless Handling of Rough and Uneven Materials

Are you tired of the handling challenges of rough materials such as rocks, stones, or surfaces with variations in height? Look no further than the GRABO RockSeal, a revolutionary accessory designed to make your material handling tasks easier and more efficient. With its durable construction and innovative design, the GRABO RockSeal is here to transform your roofing and cladding projects.


Unmatched Versatility and Compatibility with all GRABO Models

Experience the exceptional performance of the GRABO RockSeal as it simplifies the process of picking up and handling rough materials. Crafted from durable, extra-thick foam, this unique seal is specially designed to create a strong and secure grip around uneven surfaces, ensuring a hassle-free workflow and improved productivity.

The handling capabilities of the GRABO handheld vacuum lifter cannot be understated. And now, it offers even more versatility. Combine the GRABO Pro or GRABO Plus with the GRABO RockSeal for an all-encompassing vacuum lifting solution.



How does the GRABO RockSeal improve handling of rough materials?

The GRABO RockSeal is engineered to tackle the difficulties associated with picking up rough materials such as rocks, stones, or surfaces with variations in height up to 10mm. Its robust construction and extra-thick foam allows it to form a reliable seal around uneven surfaces. By using the GRABO RockSeal, you can confidently lift even the most challenging materials.


Is the GRABO RockSeal compatible with all GRABO models?

Absolutely! The GRABO RockSeal is designed to seamlessly integrate with all GRABO models. This means that you can effortlessly swap out the standard GRABO seal with the RockSeal in seconds without any additional complications. Enhance the lifting capabilities of your GRABO tool by incorporating the GRABO RockSeal into your arsenal, and enjoy the advantages of improved grip and control during your roofing and cladding projects and more.


When will I receive my GRABO Seal?

We will dispatch your GRABO RockSeal same day or the next day. We will choose the fastest shipping option. Depending on availability, this can range from the next day to a 3-day service. If we don't have the RockSeal in stock, we will let you know and aim to restock it as soon as possible. We are proud to have great relationships with our suppliers and can typically restock items in just a few days.


How much can the GRABO RockSeal lift?

The lift capacity for the GRABO using the RockSeal varies depending on the material you are lifting. It is also affected by the direction you hold the vacuum lifter. Some common materials and their weights are listed below. The weights shown are for perpendicular hold and parallel hold, respectively. (View product spec sheets for more details)

Glass - 375Lbs (170kg), 265Lbs (120kg)

Metal - 308Lbs (140kg), 198Lbs (90kg)

Wood - 220Lbs (100kg), 143Lbs (65kg)

Rough Slate - 176Lbs (80kg), 176Lbs (80kg)

Rough Concrete - 176Lbs (80kg), 176Lbs (80kg)


Are there discounts for large RockSeal orders?

Yes. We want to help you improve productivity and safety across your company. That's why we make equipping your workforce with leading GRABO products easy. We offer discounts on all orders of more than 50 units. To find out what you could save, get in touch to discuss preferential pricing.