Why you SHOULDN't buy the TRUMPF TPC165 Panel Cutter

Why you SHOULDN't buy the TRUMPF TPC165 Panel Cutter

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It needs to be explained to you… the TRUMPF TPC 165 panel cutter may not be the tool for you.

You should probably look elsewhere and look at another tool and this article explains why this is the case…


Large investment for a marmite tool


There's no denying that this piece of kit is an investment.

Whether or not you purchase it or whether or not you hire it, it is quite a considerable investment for anyone.

Even though it is a lot of money, it is a Marmite product; so, either people love it or they hate it.


We've sold some of these units to customers that think they're the best thing since sliced bread.

These customers absolutely love it, they wouldn't get anything else, and they're so glad they purchased it.

Then we've got another set of customers that think it's a bag of rubbish and they absolutely hate it. These customers think it's an absolute waste of money.


The truth is, if you hate the product then you are probably not using it in the best way!


Why it is NOT the tool for you

If you are someone that launches tools in the back of your van at the end of a work day… you don't clean tools down… you don't really look after them…. then don't even consider this product.

The TPC165 needs someone that takes care of it, cleans it & maintains it. You need to do checks on it throughout the day to make sure it is ok… it’s like a dog!

If you don't, then either the tool will stop working or it'll give you wonky cuts.


A TRUMPF classic car

Think of the TRUMPF panel cutter like a classic car.

If you own a classic car, you spend thousands of pounds on it so you want to look after It.

You want to take it out on dry days. You don't want to be taking it out in the wet and the cold.

You want to be storing it in a garage, rather than leaving it out in the elements.

In that garage, you might want to put a dehumidifier and put it on a trickle charger when you're not using it, so that the battery gets topped up.

After you use it, you want to be cleaning it down and drying it with a chamois.

That's very much like this tool.


Start treating your work as a craft


If you are a person that sees your job as a craft… you want to get more out of things and up your game then this is the tool for you.

You need to look after it, to make it look after you.

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