TRUMPF TruTool N200 Nibbler ACCESSORIES - Punch Guide

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TRUMPF TruTool N200 Nibbler ACCESSORIES - Punch Guide

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A durable replacement punch guide for the TRUMPF TruTool N200 nibbler.


What is a Punch Guide?

A nibbler relies on a die, a punch, and a punch guide working in unison. The punch, the moving component, punctures through the metal during cutting while the die sits beneath it, facilitating the process. Crucially, the punch guide ensures the punch moves in a straight line during operation.


Why Do You Need a New Punch Guide?

Like any moving part, punch guides wear out over time due to the constant movement and metal chipping produced during cutting. When worn, a replacement punch guide is essential to maintain optimal performance.


TRUMPF Punch Guide Benefits

  • Ensure straight and accurate cuts with precision-guided punching
  • Extend the lifespan of your TRUMPF N200 Nibbler
  • Maintain optimal performance and efficiency during cutting operations
  • Minimise downtime and maximise productivity
  • Enhance safety by preventing misalignment and potential damage to materials
  • Compatible with TRUMPF N200 Nibbler, ensuring seamless integration and functionality


Punch Guide for the N200 Nibbler

The TRUMPF N200 Nibbler is a robust cutting tool crafted for various materials, handling flat and low-profile sheets up to 2mm thick. It excels in precision cutting, whether on flat or corrugated sheets, delivering distortion-free and corrosion-resistant results. By incorporating a replacement punch guide, the N200 Nibbler guarantees straight and accurate cuts, elevating performance and efficiency across applications. This enhancement not only maintains quality cutting but also ensures consistent results, making it indispensable for professionals seeking reliable cutting solutions.


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Elevate your TRUMPF N200 Nibbler's performance with our range of TruTool accessories, including replacement punch guides. Ensure uninterrupted cutting and extend the lifespan of your nibbler. Shop now for TRUMPF N200 Nibbler accessories to optimise your cutting experience.