TRUMPF TruTool N160 Nibbler ACCESSORIES - Punch

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TRUMPF TruTool N160 Nibbler ACCESSORIES - Punch

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What is a punch?

A nibbler has a die, a punch and a punch guide that all work together.

The punch is the moving part that does as it says... it punches a hole out of the metal you are cutting.

The die sits at the bottom of the punch. The punch goes in to the die when cutting.

The punch guide guides the punch in a straight line whilst punching.

Why do you need a new punch?

As with any moving part, things get worn over time.

Your TRUMPF punch will not last forever on the TRUMPF N160 nibbler.


Replacing a punch can be done tool-free so you minimise downtime.

Benefits of a new TRUMPF N160 nibbler punch  

    1. Faster cutting - cut more, in less time
    2. Less vibration - meaning you can use the tool for longer
    3. Tool longevity - a sharper punch means the tool is doing less work
    4. Cleaner cut - a cleaner cut means a better finish
    5. Comfort - the tool moves less meaning it is more comfortable to use

    TRUMPF N160 Nibbler

    The N160 nibbler is a small, compact, and lightweight nibbler that can cut low profile and flat sheets of metal. It cuts metal, whether it be aluminium or steel, up to 1.6mm thick with ease. It can be viewed here.