TRUMPF TruTool PN200/PN201 Nibbler Replacement Punch

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TRUMPF TruTool PN200/PN201 Nibbler Replacement Punch

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High-Quality Punch

TRUMPF sets the industry standard with its high-quality punch designed for the PN200 or PN201 profile nibbler. When your punch is damaged or worn, it can disrupt your workflow, compromising cutting quality and causing unnecessary downtime. Even the most superior nibbler becomes inefficient without a top-grade punch. Fortunately, our punch accessories offer a solution to maximise your PN200's uptime and enhance on-site productivity.

Replacing the punch is a hassle-free, tool-free process, ensuring minimal downtime and allowing you to quickly resume your work. Keep your TRUMPF Nibbler performing at its best with our reliable punch accessories.


Benefits of a new TRUMPF PN200 Nibbler Punch 

Elevate your TRUMPF PN200 profile nibbler's performance with our high-quality punch designed to deliver unparalleled benefits. A new punch translates to faster cutting, allowing you to accomplish more in less time. Experience reduced vibration, enabling extended tool usage, while the sharper punch enhances tool longevity by minimising its workload.

Enjoy a cleaner cut, resulting in a superior finish, and relish the improved comfort as the tool moves with reduced effort. Invest in a new TRUMPF PN200 nibbler punch to unlock these advantages and ensure optimal efficiency in your metal-cutting tasks.

    1. Faster cutting - cut more, in less time
    2. Less vibration - meaning you can use the tool for longer
    3. Tool longevity - a sharper punch means the tool is doing less work
    4. Cleaner cut - a cleaner cut means a better finish
    5. Comfort - the tool moves less meaning it is more comfortable to use


    TRUMPF PN200 Profile Nibbler

    The PN200 nibbler excels at swiftly cutting profiled sheets, serving as a robust workhorse capable of handling sheets up to 2mm thick. This efficiency empowers you to enhance on-site productivity by efficiently cutting multiple sheets simultaneously. Buy your TruTool PN200 nibbler and stock up on spare PN200 nibbler punches to ensure optimal performance.