A Guide To Roof Clamps

A Guide To Roof Clamps

Roof clamps securely attach roof-mounted equipment to standing seam metal roof panels. Not only are they a popular choice as they offer high strength at a low cost, but they don't pierce the roof panels. But not all roof clamps are the same. There are many designs, material options, and more to choose from. This guide will cover their various applications and help you choose the right one for your needs.


Roof Clamp Applications

Roofing clamps have many applications. You can use them for a wide variety of roof-mounted equipment, including;

    • HVAC Units
    • Solar Panels
    • Snow Guards
    • Handrails
    • Roof Walkway Systems
    • Satellite Dishes
    • Signs and Banners
    • Lighting Installations


With roof clamps, you can effectively attach all of the above to roofs on a range of seam profiles without piercing the roof panels.


Roof Clamp Materials and Design

Roof clamps are available in a selection of sizes and designs. The broad selection accommodates the many roofing seam profiles currently in the market. They come in various materials, including aluminium, brass and stainless steel. One of the most common and popular options for clamps is aluminium. Unlike brass and stainless steel, aluminium clamps do not need to be individually machined. This brings down manufacturing costs and results in aluminium clamps being particularly cost-effective.

Clamps can also use various screws or bolts to secure them to seam ribs. You can always choose the right size clamp for your job, too, as there are one set screw, double-set screw, and three set screw options.


Choosing The Right Roof Clamps

There are many types of roof clamps consisting of various materials, screw/bolt options, designs and sizes. However, choosing the correct roof clamps couldn't be more straightforward. The S5! Roof clamp series has everything you need. Here's what's included in their range and what they're used for:


S5! B Roof Clamp

The S5! B clamp is made from brass and used for fitting to standing or batten seam copper roofing.


S5! E Roof Clamp

The S5! E is an aluminium clamp. It is used for double-folded standing seam roofing.


S5! EF Mini Clamp

The EF (short for European Flange) is designed for 1-inch (and most 1.5-inch) traditional European-style double folded seam profiles.


S5! H Clamp and H90 Clamp

The H clamp is designed for horizontal seams which are not fully closed and utilises a wide install screwset. The S5! H90 clamp is for horizontal seams that are completely closed. The H90 uses a top-down screwset.


S5! K Grip Roof Clamp

The S5! K grip clamp is tailored to fit Klip-Rib® and other bulb snap-together seams.


S5! K Grip Snow

The K grip snow is used for supplemental rows of snow stops to attach ColorGard. It differs from the other S5! products as it uses a side bolt instead of screwsets.



The S5! KHD roof clamp is a heavy-duty clamp for Klip-Rib® seams. It is primarily used for snow retention systems and other applications that require additional holding strength.


S5! N Roof Clamp (and N 1.5)

The N roof clamp is designed for nail strip metal roofs and similar profiles. The N 1.5 has a wider throat and is suited to most 1.5-inch narrow nail strip profiles.


S5! NH 1.5 Roof Clamp

The NH 1.5 is designed for wider nail strip profiles. It is suitable for NewTech FF150, VicWest Prestige, and other similar profiles.


S5! Q Roof Clamp

The S5! Q clamp is designed for bulb-shaped profiles up to 1.14 inches in diameter.


S5! S Roof Clamp

The S5! created S for snap-together profiles. The S5! S is suitable for residential profiles by Taylor Metals and easy lock standing seams.


S5! T Roof Clamp

The S5! T is also aluminium and is form fitting to T-shaped seam profiles.


S5! U Roof Clamp

The U model clamp can be used for vertical and horizontal seams on most structural and architectural roof panel seam styles.


S5! USF Mini Clamp

USF is short for Universal System Flange. It is a versatile nut and bolt option suitable for snap seams and double-folded, standing seams.


S5! V Roof Clamp

The S5! V roof clamp is designed for vertical, machine folded, standing seams.


S5! Z Roof Clamp

The S5! Z is designed for rounded "bulb" shaped seams with a diameter up to ⅞ inches (22mm).


S5! ZF Mini Roof Clamp

The ZF mini clamp provides a solution for bottom bolted PV rails on bulb seam configurations.


S5! ZH Mini Roof Clamps

The ZH mini roof clamp is used for solar mounting on bulb seams with a diameter up to ⅞ inches.



The WindClamp is used on standing seam metal roofs to improve wind resistance and prevent seam separation.


S5! Mini Roof Clamps

The popular S5! roof clamps series also provide a selection of S5! mini clamps. The mini clamp range provides smaller, on-set screw versions of the products in the S5! Standard clamps range.


S5! Roof Clamp Screws

All S5! Roof clamps are provided with stainless steel set screws. These are used to grip the standing seam. Roof-mounted equipment is attached to the clamps with stainless steel bolts and washers.


The Benefits Of Roof Clamps

There are many benefits and advantages to using roofing clamps. The primary appeal is their effectiveness. They provide a high holding strength and many varied uses. They are also an economical choice. However, there are many other reasons to use roof clamps too.

5! Clamps Accommodate Most Seam Profiles

The S5! Roof clamps range accommodate a vast array of seam profiles. No matter the job, you can likely find the perfect solution with the S5! product catalogue.

Roof Clamps Are Easy To Use

Another significant benefit is how easy clamps are to use. Fixing clamps to roof seams is quick and straightforward. And fixing roof-mounted equipment to the clamps is equally fast and easy.

Metallurgical Compatability

Most of the products in the S5! range are made from aluminium. In addition to the cost benefits mentioned earlier, this means the clamps are metallurgically compatible with bare and painted galvanised steel, stainless steel and zinc sheet roofs. The S5! B brass clamps are compatible with copper sheet roofs.

Roof Clamps Are Non-Piercing

One of the standout advantages of using roof clamps is that they are non-piercing. This means protective coatings can remain undamaged. You can access all the benefits whilst keeping your roof waterproof. Plus, you reduce the risk of voiding your warranties or guarantees.


Roof Clamp FAQ

What Profiles Do S5! Roof Clamps Not Fit?

S5! clamps do not fit face-fastened trapezoidal rib or corrugated roof panels. The clamps also do not fit thru-fastened roofs. However, S5! Do offer bracket products for them.

I don't know my roof manufacturer and profile; how do I know which clamps to use?

To know which roof clamp to use, when you do not know your manufacturer or seam profile, you can use an S5! Clamp-to-seam gauge tool. The tool includes the most common seam geometries.

Do S5! roof clamps prevent thermal movement of roof panels?

S5! Roof clamps do not inhibit the thermal movement of roof panels when properly installed. The shrinking and expanding of roof panels due to temperature change are minimal with shorter roof lengths. The changes can be more significant with longer roof lengths. Standing seam metal roofs are typically designed to respond thermally with dimensional change when the panel length is more than 9 meters.


Buy S5! Roof Clamps

The S5! Roof clamp range has many advantages over alternatives. As a non-piercing option, you can keep your roofs waterproof and avoid voiding warranties while achieving excellent hold strength. Within the S5! Range there is something for all your needs. There are options for almost all roof seam types. You can find exactly what you're looking for right here. Explore our range and buy your S5! Roof Clamps today.


More Help Choosing The Right Tools

For more guides on tools, equipment and machinery, take a look at our blog. It's filled with useful information to help you choose the right tools for the job.

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